Audition Call For

Four Play!

April 30th, 2022 – 9AM Onward

 Cookstown Curling Club – 18 Church Street, Cookstown

(Next To The Cookstown Library)

We’re looking for actors at all levels of experience for Four Play. This event presents lightly rehearsed readings of a variety of works. Whether you are an experienced actor looking for a new challenge or someone who has never been on stage, there is something for everyone!


All auditions will be a cold reading in front of the six directors.

Please contact the Four Play Committee at to book an audition time or with any questions! Please note this is a new e-mail and a lot of our responses are ending up in junk folders! Please keep your eyes open for our response!

Characters to be cast:

Angela Miller:  undercover agent, in her 30s or 40s

Nick Galeazzo:  restauranteur on the run from the mob, in his 30s or 40s

Freda Heitz:  hotel owner, in her 40s or 50s

Julia/Jessica Youngstead:  twin sisters to be played by same performer, in their mid-20s.

Trent Balfour:  poet in his 30s

Sid Barzini:  hotel guest on holiday with his wife, in his 40s

Liz Barzini:  hotel guest on holiday with her husband, in her 40s

Inspector Closely:  murder investigator, in his 50s.

Show Dates: June 16 to 26th, 2022, Thursday evenings, Friday evening, Saturday matinees & evenings, and Sunday matinees at the Cookstown Town Hall (The South Simcoe Theatre), 1 Hamilton Street, Cookstown. 


Audition Dates:  In person at the Cookstown Town Hall (The South Simcoe Theatre) March 19th and 20th from 10am to 12noon. 


For Script:  Please email Producer to let us know what character(s) you are interested in auditioning for to receive a scene from the play.  Please also have a monologue prepared, preferably comedic, no more than 3 minutes in duration.  Please be aware that the script includes adult themes.


For Music Audition:  Please bring one piece of music with you to the audition to perform and highlight your vocal abilities.  Your choice of music can be from any musical or genre.  Please be prepared to bring either a pre-recorded backing track as an MP3 file or on CD, or sheet music.  An a capella performance is also acceptable


The South Simcoe Theatre complies with all currently mandated COVID-19 health regulations.  As is permitted under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 Regulation 364/20 all participants will be required to provide proof of vaccination at the time of their audition.  Masks must be worn at all times in the Cookstown Town Hall building, except when performing, rehearsing, eating or drinking.

The South Simcoe Theatre encourages inclusion, representation, and accessibility in all its endeavours both on stage and off.  In that spirit, we encourage diversity in our casting process.